Estevan Delgado

Estevan Delgado is a social justice advocate and policy professional dedicated to securing racial equity for our Latinx communities.

The son of autoworkers, Estevan grew up in Middle Tennessee and is a first-generation college graduate from Rice University in Houston, Texas. Eager to explore a career in healthcare out of college, Estevan spent his time before graduate school working in quality & process improvement for community health clinics and non-profit hospitals.

After becoming increasingly aware that only so much can be done for Black & Brown families when we focus on people’s immediate health needs, and not the conditions that cause them, Estevan personally saw a need to pivot to a career in public policy and dreamed of pursuing a career in DC. However, Estevan’s time at the LBJ School for Public Affairs culminated with the 2016 election and increased open hostility towards immigrant families and people of color in the South, bringing the fight back home for Estevan.

In his current role at the Austin Community Foundation, Estevan oversees the operations of the Hispanic Impact Fund, which supports the economic security and advancement of Hispanic Central Texans through building race-forward community partnerships and collective impact investing.

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